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What are baseboards?

A baseboard is a decorative wooden board that covers the joint between the floor and the wall, creating a softer and even edge between the two. Baseboards are not to be confused with Wainscoting which is typically much larger and extends from the floor to approximately three to five feet from the ground. Baseboards on the other hand, are much smaller than this and will most often be about the six inches or roughly ankle height from the floor.

Why should I have Baseboards installed in my home?

Despite their low position on the floor, baseboards are a focal feature of any home because they help to provide your home with a much more complete appearance. Baseboards take away the hard lines of your house’s structure, creating soft edges and warmer feel to your home. In addition to this, baseboards provide added protection for the lowest portion of your walls which can be susceptible to damage from furniture, pets and even children. Crown Moulding Designs has experience with both baseboard installation and also the designing customized baseboard moulding that can transform the look of your entire home.

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