Door Casing & Window Casing

stairway crown moulding

What is Door Casing and Window Casing?

Door and Window casing is similar to that of crown moulding except the casing lines the edges of your doors and windows as opposed to the edges of your walls. It is the finished frame that completely surrounds a window or a door and adds an overall more finished look to your home.

Why should I get Door Casing and/or Window Casing?

Adding door and window casing to your home is an easy way to add sophistication, warmth and balance to any room in your house. It alters the overall appearance of your home and transforms your windows and doors into ornamental works of art. The room will feel more complete, have more distinctive boundaries, and the casings will provide a softer appearance than sharp edges will. Crown Moulding Designs, Inc. has the experience and know-how to design and install door and window casings in any home and at any budget.

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