Window Extension Jams & Window Sills

What are Window Extension Jambs & Sills?

A window extension jamb does precisely what the name suggests — it fills the depth of the wall space from the window frame to the wall. Extension jambs create a nice edge for the casing to be nailed to. A window sill on the other hand is the lowest part of the window that holds the sides of the window frame in place.

Why should I get Window Extension Jambs or Window Sills?

Window extension jambs and sills add another layer of sophistication to an otherwise frameless window. Extension jambs allow the window casing to be applied to a wider wall, which creates a better looking finish to the casing. Jambs also provide a higher level of security and functions as they create an overall stronger window when installed. Window sills provide a clearly defined base to the window’s bottom edge and also serve to aid with drainage, keeping water away from the interior of the home should a leak ever occur.

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