Wainscoting and Chair Rails

What is Wainscoting and Chair Rails?

Wainscoting and Chair Rails are very similar in appearance and function. Essentially, they run from the floor to a fixed height, typically between a quarter to half way up the wall. Chair rails were originally designed to protect the walls from, you guessed it, damage from chairs. Wainscoting on the other hand is much more of an ornamental addition to your home often extending higher up the walls than chair rails.

Why should I get Wainscoting or Chair Rails?

Aside from the obvious practical reasons for getting wainscoting or chair rails, the added physical touch that they bring to your home is the biggest reason for their installation. They provide your home with an added aesthetic that divides the walls and creates a sense of balance in a room. Both wainscoting and chair rails come in a number of different designs all offering a different visual appeal and functional use. For example, larger flat caps on your wainscoting can offer additional shelving to your home for leaning pictures on or displaying other decorative pieces on.

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